Selena forever! In a special Halloween episode of NBC's “Superstore” called "Sal's Dead," the cast went all out by dressing in glorious costumes. The transformations were amazing, but no one was more iconic than America Ferrera's character, Amy, who donned a Selena Quintanilla look. 

This was especially the case after the epic way she clapped back at someone who confused her with another celebrity in the episode.

She wore Quintanilla's classic purple jumpsuit along with her signature half up, half down hairstyle.

Silver booties, a gold microphone, and the perfect red lip completed Ferrera's look — and she was definitely feeling it. "Basically twins," she wrote on Instagram.

The costume even included a name tag that said, "Selena," so no one could be confused about who she was emulating, but somehow this still flew over some of the other characters' heads.

"Who are you, Beyoncé?" Amy is asked — by a white guy, of course — at the beginning of the episode.

"Selena," Amy responded, but that wasn't enough. She has to clarify who Selena is, and she does it in a way that will be music to so many fans' ears.

"Selena. She was Beyoncé before Beyoncé," Amy said, and in that moment we got our ENTIRE lives.

Literally every Selena fan who watches this scene.

But the comedic gold didn't stop there. "I thought you were J.Lo," another white character commented.


We've never related to something more in our lives. You can watch the full episode below.

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