It’s pretty safe to say we’ve all been to that magical place at some point in our lives where you can find everything from televisions to groceries to clothing and beyond — a.k.a. the superstore. In NBC’s new comedy named just that, SuperstoreAmerica Ferrera is back in the workplace as the Walmart-like store supervisor Amy. Let’s just say she means business.

The trailer captures the daily (and sometimes terrifying) incidents that take place at a mega store in a comical way and from the view of an employee. Ferrera told the New York Post:  

“I love the idea of doing a show about people whose jobs are literally a paycheck. You’re focusing on the lives of the working class that makes corporate America run.”

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So far we’re loving the part where she calls out her manager who appoints her as the chosen one to give out salsa samples and Ferrera's character says, “Because I’m Latina?” Nailed it!

Watch the entire trailer above for a taste of what’s to come and stay tuned for tonight’s special two-episode sneak peek at 10 p.m. EST on NBC. 

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