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Happy Birthday, Amy!

Amy Poehler is a unicorn in the entertainment world; a smart, funny, bold,  down-to-earth performer, director, producer, and author. One of a kind.

She would also probably really enjoy that I just called her a unicorn.

Poehler has accomplished amazing things on and off the screen, from being one of the founding members of the comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade, to creating hit sitcom Parks and Recreation and starting the  Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls — an organization dedicated to helping young women cultivate their authentic selves.

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In case you’re still wondering, yes, I’m a fan. More gushing below.

After seeing her at the AOL Build interview and quickly devouring her book Yes, Please I found myself repeating her words over and over in my head: “just do the thing.”  I was consistently following the advice of someone I’d never met, and telling other people about it. I’m pretty sure no one paid attention to me, but it still felt good to pass on the wisdom.

Amy Poehler turns 44 today, have a glass of wine in her honor while you read her inspiring life advice, I hope some of it sticks.

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On being curious.

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It also killed the cat, but whatever. 

On getting it done.

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For all those who are procrastination prone, like myself. 

On facing life.

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Pretty sound surf advice. 

On fun.

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And as long as you're having fun, who cares?

On flirting.

Up your game, dude.

On being vulnerable.

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And Amy is all power.

On love.

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All the feels.

On being a woman.

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What's your favorite advice from Amy?