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When new emojis arrive June 21, a rifle won’t be among them.

CNN Money reports that the rifle previously appeared as a possible emoji candidate, but the bitty illustration was struck down at a Unicode Consortium meeting in May. Unicode is the nonprofit organization that oversees emojis across all smartphones, so you can thank them for all of your favorite wordless text messages.

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According to Buzzfeed, Apple and Microsoft both argued against the rifle emoji, but it was Apple that led the conversation. That same discussion also resulted in the cancellation of an emoji showing a man firing a pistol. The emoji depicts one component of the modern pentathlon, a five-part Olympic sport that includes pistol shooting. The rifle emoji was initially drafted to celebrate this year’s Olympics, where rifle shooting is a sport. Other Olympics–themed emojis remain in the line-up of new releases.

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When 67 emoji candidates were announced last fall, the rifle emoji was immediately contested by a British gun control group. Infer Trust member Chrissie Hall told the BBC that the rifle emoji would be “offensive to many people who have been injured or affected by gun incidents.”

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Of course, as iPhone fans know, Apple already has a pistol emoji and the illustration has equivalents across phone manufacturers, from Samsung to HTC. Other questionable emojis include a bomb, a dagger, and crossed swords.. No word on whether there are plans for any of these to be removed.

So when a total of 72 new emojis are released next week, you’ll get bacon and a gorilla, but no guns. Not even two weeks following the Orlando shooting, that seems like a wise decision.