Earlier this week, the world collectively lost its mind when they found out that the "Power Rangers" reboot made its yellow ranger the first openly gay big-screen superhero. 

But singer and actress Becky G — who is portraying the historic role — doesn't understand the hype around her character's sexuality.

becky g yellow power ranger
photo: Splash News
“I think it’s something really beautiful. It makes me sad that it’s such a big deal because I feel it could have been done such a long time ago. It makes me really proud," she said.

She's right. The film industry is exclusionary when it comes to LGBTQ representation and it needs to do better.

Although it should be normalized, seeing LGBTQ people on the screen isn't as common as one would think. Only 22 of the 126 major movies released in 2015 had a self-identified LGBTQ character — that's roughly 17%, with gay men accounting for 77% of the roles.

Becky G also understands the impact of being a Latina superhero — a role that doesn't perpetuate Latinx stereotypes.

Her sentiments around her character's sexual identity also mirrors how she feels about being being a Latina in this film. She told Teen Vogue, "It's huge. It's so big. I'm so proud of my roots and where I come from. [...] There's not much of a presence of Latinos in the entertainment business in general. To be a part of this path that not many have been able to walk is just...it's mind-blowing."

Only 5.8% of Latinxs are represented in TV and film, and they are filling the parts that Hollywood has pigeonholed them into: maids, nannies, and drug dealers.

Hopefully Becky G's wave-making character isn't the last time we'll see Latinas breaking barriers in the industry.

We can only continue to go up from here.