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All hail Queen Bey! Beyoncé is the master secret keeper, and we love that she has now surprised us with new music not once, but twice. Back in December 2013, Queen Bey released her entire Beyoncé album without any bit of promotion and yesterday, out of nowhere, she dropped her new single, "Formation," with an accompanying music video. We can only hope she decides to bless us with a performance at tonight's Super Bowl 50. The video is a feast for our eyes and has a special cameo from the adorable Blue Ivy. As usual, the songstress manages to evoke power and sexiness, conjuring up antiquated Southern style. 

More than the fashion and killer dance moves, it's the political nature of the video that stands out. Beyoncé stands atop a New Orleans police car as it's slowly engulfed in water — no doubt referencing Hurricane Katrina. In another scene, a young black boy dances in front of a row of white cops who raise their hands as we've seen in countless #BlackLivesMatter protests. We then see the words "Stop shooting us" written in graffiti. The black power theme reigns throughout as her dancers even rock their hair au naturale

As the #BlackLivesMatter movement continues to gain momentum, having a figure like Beyoncé lend her artistry and status to the cause is extremely significant. This isn't the first time Bey has used her platform to make a political statement — here are six other moments the pop diva showed her political side. 

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