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OPA! It looks like there is going to be another Portokalos wedding in our near future. Today, we got a look at the first trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and it looks like Toula and her family are planning another trip down the aisle. If the second chapter of this 2002 romantic comedy is anything like the original, it promises to be oh so hilarious.  

If you haven't seen the original My Big Fat Greek Wedding, shame on you! Just kidding . . . but seriously, check it out on Netflix because it's hilarious, especially since there are countless moments when we, as Latinas, can relate to Toula and her family. 

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In fact, here are 10 ways the Portokalos could totally be Latino:


They had a giant family

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With such a big family, there is nothing small and intimate when it comes to a wedding. 


They had strong opinions about food

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And loved their meat.


There was always a loud cousin

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Or an aunt or grandmother around. . . .


They loved to dance

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Like many Latinos, the Portokalos loved a good party.

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They knew the most important part of a party

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That's right, the food. 


They were always watching

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And totally overprotective of their children.


Everyone knew everything

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Rumors spread quickly within a large family.


They were always giving advice

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Even if it didn't always make sense. But that's every family, right? 


They loved being together

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And always knew how to make it happen.


They just wanted everyone to settle down

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You know, to get married so they can start a family. 

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