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Happy Birthday, Bruno Mars! The super talented Filipino and Puerto Rican singer/songwriter/producer and all around amazing entertainer is turning 30. His 20s made him an award-winning international star ever since tapping into everyone's desire for success while singing that he wanted to "be a billionaire so freakin’ bad." But what really stole our hearts is the way he loves the ladies. Let us count the ways:


He loves his mom

We're sure that more than one of us has heard that you can tell how a man will treat you by the way he treats his mom. If that's true, then Bruno's lady is lucky indeed. He has a tattoo of his mother's name 'Bernadette' on his shoulder. She passed away in June 2013 and he included her in his Super Bowl halftime performance a few months later by having an enlarged version of the design on his drum kit.

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He makes us feel like the only girl in the world

He knows how to make us feel amazing with a song like  "Just The Way You Are" that says all of the things we want to hear from our significant other. He told Blues & Soul that song could even help prevent an unnecessary argument:

Like you’ll be getting ready to go out to a movie and the girl will be in the bathroom doing their hair, putting on 10 different outfits... And the guy’s like ‘Babe, come ON! Let’s GO! You look fine with what you’ve got ON!’… And it can all escalate into one big old fight! So in that situation ‘Just The Way You Are’ is the ideal song for guys to dedicate to their girl! If they don’t know exactly what to say they can just play the RECORD!


He keeps it real

All of the music he writes is rooted in some truth. He told Paper Mag that every song he won’t write a song unless it is about a personal experience. We can’t resist a vulnerable fella.


He sat under a dryer

Bruno's infectious "Uptown Funk" was everywhere this summer. When we saw the hair rollers scene in the music video we couldn't believe our eyes. He totally gets us!

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He is light on his feet

I mean what lady wouldn’t love a man that can dance and make it look so effortless at the same time?


He is a passionate guy

The lyrics in "Gorilla" say it all.


He gives proper praise

When Bruno Mars wrote "Locked Out Of Heaven" he was referring to a very specific place. Every man should hold our bodies in such high regard. And don't forget: You hold the entrance key.


His idea of a perfect date night

Bruno told InStyle that his ideal date would be going to the movies, beach and then dinner. There’s nothing like those basics.

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He was "Little Elvis"

Next to puppies and kittens, there's nothing that melts our hearts than cute videos kids being kids. Bruno Mars became an entertainer at the tender age of four as an Elvis impersonator and clips of these golden moments still live on the Internet.