New year, same drama. Cardi B started out strong in 2018 by making Billboard history once again with three songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. However, haters didn't waste the chance to try to bring her down. 

Her accent and grammar are often easy targets for trolls, but the rapper simply used those insults as ammunition when she fought back against those who didn't believe she made history.

This week it was announced that Cardi made history after her first three singles that entered the Billboard Hot 100 reached the top 10 simultaneously.

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Source: Billboard

G-Eazy's "No Limit" that's currently sitting at No. 4, Migos' "Motor Sport" that 's holding the No. 7 spot, and her own "Bodak Yellow" that's at No. 10 are the tracks that have put her in incredibly illustrious company.

She is the third artist to achieve this milestone — the only other two are The Beatles and Ashanti! Plus, this makes her the first female rapper to ever accomplish this.

Pressed haters must have missed the part that clearly states she made history for having her FIRST three Billboard Hot 100 entries reach the top 10 simultaneously (vs. having three songs on the top 10 after already having other songs on the charts in the past), and tried to come for her. However, Cardi didn't let that slide and clowned them beautifully for being STRONG AND WRONG.

In a note posted on Instagram, the rapper noted she's often criticized for the way she speaks and yet so many people clearly don't know how to read. She then proceeded to do them all a favor and broke down why she made Billboard history as clearly as possible.

"Attention: Y'all say that I don't know how to speak proper English, and I say that a lot of y'all don't know how to read!" she wrote. "Let me be clear! I did not make history for having 3 songs on Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 at the same time, that's been done before, more than a few times! I made history for having my FIRST 3 songs EVER to be entered on the charts hit the Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 at the same time, and that has only been done three times! I didn't say it, Billboard did! Thank you again!"

Talk about a mic drop!

Cardi didn't just roast her hateful critics' reading comprehension skills, she cited her source, too!

That should serve as a lesson to never throw stones when you live in a glass house. Not speaking English (or reading) perfectly can be a result of broken systems and a number of other circumstances. That doesn't mean you can't achieve success or have the ability to improve your skills in the future.

Cardi is living proof! We hope she continues to grow and prove people wrong.