cardi b
photo: Getty

Cardi B has officially made Billboard Hot 100 history with her song "Bodak Yellow." Despite the attempts from petty Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj fans to keep her from succeeding, the star has become the first female rapper to reach the No. 1 spot without any features since Lauryn Hill earned the achievement in 1998 with her song "Doo Wop (That Thing)." Plus, she's the first Dominican person to do it PERIOD since the chart was founded in 1958. 

Needless to say, everyone on team Cardi is celebrating.

Anyone who is familiar with her path from stripper to Instagram star to reality TV to music knows that this win is meaningful in more ways than one.

It is inspirational.

Witnessing her rise makes this personal.

The fact that this happened during Hispanic Heritage Month makes this even sweeter for the Latinx community.

AND she did it her way!

The difficulty of dethroning chart god Swift is not lost on fans.

This is legendary.

And they have something to say to fandoms who erroneously think that celebrating Cardi means you're putting other women down.

What a time to be alive!