Bruno Mars got the world in its feelings when he dropped a colorful '90s-inspired music video for his "Finesse (Remix)" featuring Cardi B. From the wardrobe to the dance moves, it ticked off all the boxes in the nostalgia department. However, some fans wish Mars would have included one more thing, and it would have definitely taken the video over the edge.

The music video was a beautiful tribute to "In Living Color" all the way down to the set design.

photo: YouTube

The sketch comedy show turned actors like Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey, the Wayans brothers, and more into big stars.

One of its most iconic components was its Fly Girls dance troupe, which was the first big break for a certain major Latina celebrity... so fans think she NEEDED to be in the video.

We're talking about none other than Jennifer Lopez, and her participation would have undoubtedly broken the internet!

The "Finesse" video was definitely a hit, but that didn't stop fans from sharing their J.Lo dreams all over Twitter.

We're sure Lopez is feeling flattered AF at the moment.

Some people are still holding onto hope that she could slide through a live performance, though. They're even calling for Rosie Perez, the actress and Fly Girl choreographer who recruited Lopez, to join her.

We hope Mars considers the idea and that Lopez and Perez answer his call. They could create an unforgettable moment that would go down in pop culture history!

We've seen Lopez fangirl over Mars before, so there's a chance she'll be down for the cause.

We'll be crossing our fingers while the video plays on repeat in the background.

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