Whether you like it or not, it's been the year of Cardi B. She's already surpassed records for "Bodak Yellow," broken just about every fashion rule, and compared herself to Selena Quintanilla. But without a doubt her best moments have happened on social media, in the form of her many, many clapbacks.


Lesson 1: Don't test the rapper on her music.


And also, do not question her relationship:


Then there was the time she was accused of smoking weed in her hotel room.

She clapped back, of course, and it did not end well.


She's not afraid to let her fans know how she really got famous.

Stop playing with me

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"Do y'all know how I got put on?" Cardi said, setting the record straight. "I got put on doing videos and people following me."


She always keeps it real.


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"I've been really hustling for my career since I was 21," the 25-year-old explained.


She'll even clap back at her own dad if it's necessary!

Cardi's dad was wondering if he was getting a Dominican Father's Day gift in addition to his usual Father's Day gift. Her hilarious response: "Did you made me once, or did you made me twice?!"


If you're a "good girl" member of #BardiGang, you better watch out.

I been dealing with this my wholeeeee life ????????

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"It be these little quiet bitches – these little quiet, innocent ones – them be the evil bitches!" she warned.


Once she even took on an entire gender on her own.

"You know who I be receiving the most hate from? Men," she fumed.


Hey, body shamers. Cardi has a message for you, too:

Old but good Video !!

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"I don't get why y'all gotta body shame bitches who got their bodies done," Cardi noted. She even kept it super real, adding she likes to look perfect and will likely get even more plastic surgery in the future.


But also, just don't be a hater of any kind.


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"Don't be a 'Why her and not me?' type of bitch," the rapper insisted. "Be a 'How can I get next to that bitch?' type of bitch." Basically, stop the jealousy and let Cardi's success motivate your own life.


After rapper Azealia Banks called her the "poor man's Nicki," Cardi B responded in the best way:

One of the reasons Bodak Yellow went #1! Cuz even the HATERS love it!

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Doesn't look like Azealia hates "Bodak Yellow," now does it?


And she never forgets where she came from, defending the stripping industry until the end.

It’s annoying

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"Don't y'all pay money to see entertainers in concert?" she asked people who criticize others who pay for strippers.