Both Catherine Zeta Jones and Jennifer Lopez are slated to play the same female drug lord onscreen, but it turns out their similar roles are far from a coincidence.

Last August, news broke that J.Lo was set to star as Griselda Blanco, a notorious drug lord, in an upcoming HBO film titled "The Cocaine Godmother."

The film will reportedly tell the story of Griselda Blanco's life in the drug world. Blanco was one of the pioneers of drug smuggling in the US, and became infamous for her cut-throat (literally) style of business.

“I’ve been fascinated by the life of this corrupt and complicated woman for many years,” Lopez said in a statement. “The idea of teaming with HBO felt like the perfect fit for finally bringing Griselda’s story to life.”

At the same time, Catherine Zeta-Jones was also rumored to be playing the part in a different portrayal titled "The Godmother."

The 48-year-old actress was in talks for pre-production of her film, which was set for the Lifetime network. 

Now, that film seems to have a one-up on Lopez's: Zeta-Jones' rendition is already in post-production (as per her IMDB page), whereas Lopez's isn't even listen on IMDB. 

Just today, the veteran actress opened up about the groundbreaking role, saying she hopes it doesn't "homogenize her or find a sympathetic quality, because I don’t think she had one. I applaud Lifetime and A+E. It would have been easy to rose-tint this story.”

To make matters more confusing, there's a third movie thrown into the mix.

According to W, neither Lopez nor Zeta-Jones got the original project they were gunning for. The movie, also titled "The Godmother," considered J.Lo for the role, but ultimately decided it was "too challenging" for her acting skills. The directors also considered Zeta-Jones, but decided to go with a Latina (to honor Blanco's Colombian heritage).

Instead, Catalina Sandino Moreno, known for "Maria Full of Grace," will play the character on the big screen.

PHEW! That's a whole lot of drug trafficking to take in next year.