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Comedian Heather McDonald loved working with Chelsea Handler on the late night talk show, Chelsea Lately, but it wasn't all laughs, as McDonald just revealed the not-so-great working conditions she endured during her time as a roundtable regular. In an interview on Matt Weiss and Theo Von's Allegedly podcast, which is set to air on January 19, McDonald told the gentlemen that while on the set of the show, she lived in constant fear, uncertain about the future direction of Handler's contract and whether McDonald would soon be out of a job. Worst yet, she found out that Handler was leaving E! when someone directed a tweet at her with the news. 

In addition to McDonald and Handler's professional relationship ending, it also seems their friendship dissolved. "When you’re in her life and you’re her friend, it’s the greatest thing. She makes you feel so special until you're not,” she remarked to Weiss and Von. Still, McDonald thinks her former coworker and pal is a "good person," but that she "[doesn't] agree with how she treats relationships in her life," adding "I think she's missing out by dumping people."

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Update [January 21]: While on The Howard Stern Show this morning, Chelsea Handler responded to the claims by Heather McDonald and said: “Please, she went on tour with me the last year of my show so if she’s so scared of me, she was opening for me in places like, you know, in Northern California at a winery. She’s so full of s**t." And went on to say that McDonald was feeding stories to the press about her.