Selena Quintanilla is a legend who will never be replaced. Her life may have met a tragic end 22 years ago, but her memory is just as alive as ever thanks to her dedicated fanbase. They'll fight for her tooth and nail and have zero tolerance for any disrespect or imitations that are less than "perfect."

 Celebrities are no exception, and even when they may not mean any harm, just the slightest mention of Quintanilla means they'll be subject to intense scrutiny.

Here are eight stars who know this all too well now:


Kylie Jenner

The youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner crew simply posted a photo of herself in a Quintanilla graphic tee on Instagram in 2016, but that's all it took for all hell to break loose. There were plenty of followers who sent her love for praising the queen, but the culture appropriation police wasn't having it. 

"MY CULTURE IS NOT YOUR TEMPORARY FASHION STATEMENT," one fan wrote. "Bet she don't know one song from her," another one said.


Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian
photo: Twitter/kimkardashian

The reality star may have nailed this classic Quintanilla look for Halloween, but there was still no shortage of drama. She faced the same cultural appropriation accusations as her sister and was blasted on social media. However, Selena's sister, Suzette Quintanilla, came to her defense and let everyone know that the Kardashian/Jenner family are true Selena fans.


Demi Lovato

demi lovato selena quintanilla
photo: Snapchat/demilovato

The entertainer almost broke the internet when she wore a sexy version of Selena's iconic purple jumpsuit for Halloween this year. Lovato showed major underboob that turned a lot of hardcore fans off. It was a little too much skin for them.



The singer covered Selena's "I Could Fall In Love" at a concert in Paris back in 2013. She put her own beautiful twist on the song, but of course, there were people who did not like the creative liberties she took with her interpretation.


Cardi B

cardi b
photo: Splash

Ba-by! When the rapper called herself the "trap Selena" in her verse on Migos' "Motor Sport," Selena fans saw RED. Anything that can be remotely construed as comparing yourself to Selena is a one-way ticket to dragging by her fierce supporters. 

Despite getting eviscerated by those who didn't approve of the line, Suzette came to Cardi's defense. In fact, she considers it an honor when any artist pays tribute to her sister. "I think it’s an honor because it just shows that Selena is a legend and she’s being recognized — not just in the Latino community or in Latin music, she’s worldwide," she said in a recent interview.


Bella Thorne

The backlash this star received was the most bizarre of them all because she didn't even say anything! A delusional fan said, "You can't tell me Bella Thorne doesn't look like a better version of Selena" on Twitter, which was basically a death wish. 

Unfortunately, instead of just arguing with Thorne's fan, many Selena supporters who didn't get the full story attacked the actress for daring to compare herself to their fave.


María Celeste Arrarás

Few people have been met with the complete and utter fury of Selena fans like this famous Latina journalist. People were outraged by her book "El Secreto de Selena," which many felt painted Selena in an unnecessarily negative light by implying, among other things, that she was having an affair. 

The book is now being turned into a TV series, which angered fans even further, especially when a graphic trailer teasing the show was leaked over the summer.


A.B. Quintanilla

ab quintanilla
photo: Getty

Fans won't draw the line at family members. A.B. was flamed by his sister's fans, who were livid when they learned he landed on a Most Wanted list in Texas for non-payment of child support this year. They didn't hesitate to bring up how disappointing his actions would have been to Selena had she been around to witness these events. 

It doesn't get any more brutal than that.