During Selena Quintanilla's short life, she made her mark on the music industry and the world. She didn't care about the fame that came with her line of work; it was really her fans that mattered most. 

Still, during her career, she had the chance to meet some legendary icons and up-and-comers, who themselves later went on to become icons.

These seven celebrities had the fortune of meeting the Queen of Tejano before her life was abruptly cut short.


Gloria Estefan

The former Miami Sound Machine front woman and Selena got a chance to connect at Premios Lo Nuestro in 1992, where Selena put on a dance-filled performance. Estefan eventually went on to cover Selena's "I Could Fall in Love" in a touching tribute in 2005.


Bonnie Raitt

We're imagining Selena had a total fangirl moment when she got a chance to meet the legendary Bonnie Raitt. Chris Perez remembered the late singer as being a "huge" fan of Raitt's. 


Luis Miguel

Seeing the Mexican pop star with Selena, it's crazy to think these fresh-faced singers would eventually go on to have such a tremendous impact on music. 


Mario Lopez

Lopez shared this sweet pic with Selena, captioning the photo, "#TBT Early 90's with Selena Quintanilla at a Tejano event. She looked beautiful & I wore a red coat & a hideous tie."


Daisy Fuentes

Judging by these smiles, these ladies were having a great time when this photo was snapped.


Garth Brooks

Selena got a pic with Brooks in 1990. She must have been super excited, considering she was a big fan of his.


Ricky Martin

Martin and Selena gave us all serious hair envy while presenting at the Premios Lo Nuestro in 1992.

Thinking of how successful Martin's career has been, we can't help but wonder where Selena's would have led her.