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photo: The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

In case you haven’t heard “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks, posted his first professional headshot since being released from prison earlier this week. Meeks mugshot went viral in 2014 when the world collectively drooled over his blue eyes and and chiseled face. While Meeks mugshot looks like a multi-million dollar professionally shot and retouched ad campaign, most peoples mugshots are not that pretty, especially celebrity mugshots. We’re so used to seeing their airbrushed, fully made up faces that when they’re photographed under the fluorescent lights of a local jail at 2 a.m. they look extra rough. Also, is just me or a lot of these arrests for DUIs? Can't these celebs afford an Uber home? We're just saying. So, here’s every celebrity mugshot you’ve EVER wanted to see.

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