Women supporting other women is what makes the world go round, and in this video by Leanin.org and AOL MAKERS celebs such as Eva Longoria, Selena Gomez, Emma Watson,  Kerry Washington, among others, thank those who have helped and inspired them.

“I’m not really sure what my life would look like if it were not for Shonda Rhimes,” says Washington. Megyn Kelly also gives a shout out to Kim Hume while Serena Williams thanks her sister Venus. "Together we can stand up to anything and anyone," says Kelly. 

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Not only are these women all badasses but they're also happy to announce that behind every great female is another great female. And that’s why they’re encouraging all women to #LeanInTogether and celebrate the power of women empowering each other. Watch the full clip above for a motivational way to start the weekend. 

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