In a twist of insane irony, high-end fashion brand Chanel is hosting a fashion show in Havana, Cuba this evening. According to a statement from Chanel, the "cultural richness and opening up of Cuba" has been a great source of inspiration for Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer for the French fashion house. But staging a fashion show with clothing items that cost thousands of dollars in a communist country that has long shunned capitalism and where the resident's average monthly salary is around $22 a month seems kind of crazy either way. 

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Still, the show must go on. Cuban fashion designer Raúl Castillo expressed his excitement to The Guardian, “It is a dream to see the work of a designer like Lagerfeld here in socialist Cuba.” It's possible that this will also be another big day for one other Cuban: Antonio "Tony" Castro, the grandson of Fidel Castro. Spanish media outlets are reporting that the 19-year-old will be walking in the fashion show, where Chanel will be debuting its 2017 Cruise collection.

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We still haven't received confirmation about the validity of the rumors, but we can't help but wonder what Cuba's former leader would have to say about his grandson's potentially fashionable (and capitalist) pursuits.