Disney's newest Pixar creation "Coco" is the animated movie the Latinx community has been waiting for. The movie, appropriately described as a "love letter to Mexico," has become such a hit that there's even a new clothing line inspired by it, but fans aren't exactly pleased with one detail about the movie.

The Pixar movie follows 12-year-old Miguel as he goes on a journey to the "land of the dead."

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The Dia de los Muertos-inspired film has been praised for the way it embraces Mexican culture in an accurate way, all while showing the importance of family, a value all viewers can relate to.

The movie had a major box office weekend, coming out on top with $71 million in sales in the US.

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Despite the record-breaking number of people who came out to see the film, not all were fully pleased with the results.

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While just about everyone was over the moon about "Coco" itself, many took to Twitter to express their frustration with the 21-minute "short," "Olaf's Frozen Adventure," playing before the movie.

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Movie-goers were forced to sit through the extra-long short, which meant that it took almost 45 minutes of previews to get to the actual film. That's a long time to sit in the theater, especially for little kids, who are the target audience for the film.

The short was reportedly supposed to air as a TV special on ABC this year to hype up "Frozen 2," which will hit theaters in November 2019.

Mexican Twitter came out swinging against the company's choice:

Fans do have a point – why did the bestselling movie have to be clouded by an entirely different film, especially when it's the first time the Latinx community is being honored by Disney?

Plenty of fans also worried Disney added the short because it thought a Latinx film couldn't stand on its own— which is pretty insulting, if that's the case.

Pixar has yet to comment on viewers' complaints, but the "Frozen" short has already been pulled from some theaters in Mexico, so stay hopeful, kids.

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