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photo: Corbis, Corbis

The Cosby Show's only female writer, Susan Fales-Hill, just revealed that despite having written for a show with a super strong female protagonist, she was not given the same respect in the writer's room. While on a panel at the New York Comedy Festival on November 10, Fayes-Hill recalled the days where she was pretty much told to "sit down and shut up," saying, "They were pretty sexist and they would talk about professional women as being hard bitches. And what I learned was, does it really matter that they’re saying that? No. Lose the battle and win the war."  

The war she's referring to is her eventual employment as a writer on A Different World. However, there was still conflict between the male and female writers on A Different World, as she added, "The men turned very wimpy and would say, 'We’re really tired of hearing talk about fashion. No one’s talking sports and I just really feel discriminated against.' Men are very bad minorities, is all I can say."

Fayes-Hill's struggles while writing for the popular '80s sitcom, are unfortunately still too familiar for plenty of women. But, there are writers who continue to make huge strides and speak out when they see injustice. Here are quotes from some of the women writers making sure to use their positions in Hollywood to advance the female narrative.

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