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Comedian and actress Cristela Alonzo cohosted The View twice this week, and on her last day, she was sporting some very cute, awesome pins, and one in particular really caught our attention. The star and creator of the now-defunct sitcom Cristela wore Selena, Cantinflas, and BeyoncĂ© pins on her black vest. Yes, Selena!

In the video above, Alonzo talks about how she loves to wear pins, and these pins represent people she loves. So where can you buy such a cool representation of Latino pride and pop culture? The creator, based in San Fernando, California, is called Pinetration. You can purchase the pins on Etsy, but according to the Instagram account, the Selena pin is sold out! UGHH! Hey, Pinetration, are you planning on making more? In the meantime check out their awesome work. 

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