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If you’ve been anywhere on the Internet over the past couple of days, then you've surely become familiar with the phenomenon that is “Damn, Daniel.” Since high-school students Daniel and Josh went viral on Snapchat, they’ve inspired countless memes, and even appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

As the “Damn, Daniel” fever spreads, it looks like the two teens are inspiring the musical world, too. That’s right, a quick search on SoundCloud will give you the perfect dose of “Damn, Daniel” melodic dance inspiration. And we must admit, we can’t get enough! That’s why we’ve rounded up six of our favorite “Damn, Daniel” remixes out there.

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They’re pretty addicting. So if you find yourself hooked on yelling “Damn, Daniel!” for the rest of the day (or the rest of the year), don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Dj Roger Dodger

We're definitely feeling this hip-hop beat. 


Crawford Collins

Get out your white Vans, it's time to dance! 



#DamnDaniel fans were feeling this track.



We can picture this one playing at the club.


The Knuckledusters

The verdict: #DamnDaniel goes great with an EDM beat.