Hands down, to this day, one of my favorite scenes from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is the one where Aunt Vivian proves that, even as a mom, she can still bust a move with the youngins. 

Turning 40 and faced with a mid-life crisis, Viv decides to challenge herself by auditioning for a modern dance performance ... even though she hasn't danced in years. 

What transpires is a performance that still gets me hyped:

You know what I'm talking about.

Yasssss Aunt Viv, show them haters what you got. 

Even if I practiced for weeks, I could never look that good. But one ballerina took on the challenge of Aunt Viv's routine and passed with flying colors.

For Halloween, Erica Lall embraced her inner Vivian Banks and perfectly mastered the complicated routine. (I mean, complicated for me — since Lall is a member of the American Ballet Theater, this must have been rather simple for the professionally trained dancer.) Lall's costume choice is pretty incredible as well. 

The episode that includes Viv's dance, "The Big Four-Oh," first aired on October 21, 1991 — meaning its 15th anniversary just passed. We love that after 15 years, this performance is still giving us life. 

* Vivala has reached out to Lall for comment.