If you've been (im)patiently waiting for the return of "Orange Is the New Black," we feel your pain. Thankfully you'll be able to watch the two incredible actresses that play Daya and Gloria — Dascha Polanco and Selenis Leyva — in an off-Broadway show, to cure your post-"OITNB" blues.

The two badass Latinas will be a part of the play "Tell Hector I Miss Him" that takes place in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Puerto-Rican born actress and playwright, Paola Lázaro, is the brains behind the show; it will be directed by David Mendizábal.

When it comes to the type of theater that excites writer Lázaro, she explained:

Honest, transparent shit. I get enough bullshit on a day-to-day basis. I wanna see and hear people say the shit they can't say in life.

The show follows "the life of 12 people in a slum in Old San Juan" and it promises to be an "addictive" experience:

You’re in Puerto Rico. Old San Juan. You’re a tourist, you walk down the stairs of this beautiful old fort built by the Spaniards. When you reach the bottom, you realize you’re in a hole. Welcome to the basement that lies under the tourism and behind the fort walls. You spend some days there, you don’t want to leave. Oh no, you’re addicted. "Tell Hector I Miss Him" unmasks a community built on the law of respect that keeps getting washed away but refuses to drown.

Polanco is giving life to the role of 'Malena,' and Leyva is taking on the part of 'Samira' where the pair will (fittingly) play neighbors.

They will be joining their fellow cast mates for the preview starting on January 11 and the official opening night on January 23.

And it looks like Polanco is ready for the debut!

The actress posted a photo of what looks like a binder — and I'm assuming it's holding her top secret character lines — with the hashtags #backtowork #stillinlove accompanied by the “comedy/tragedy” mask emoji. 

"Tell Hector I Miss Him" is a show that's giving Latinos a theatrical platform — literally and figuratively — to share a story about the island and it's going to be so damn good.

You don't want to miss this show that ends on February 12 , so if you're in New York or plan on taking a trip, grab your tickets here