Demi Lovato had one heck of a Halloween. First, she dressed up as Selena Quintanilla.

It sent Lovatics through the roof when they saw how closely she resembled the Queen of Tejano. 

Then, on actual Halloween night, Lovato promised to "protect and serve" with a badass cop costume.

Protect and serve ????????‍♀️???? Happy Halloween ????

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The singer went a tad sexier than most other cops, but the results were undeniably on point.

Watchu gon do when they come for you?

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Here, she posed with rapper Sirah, who also bared her bum alongside Lovato and a cop car.

Of course, Lovato proved she's just like us when she made a pit stop at the bodega before heading out.


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While purchasing a couple of Red Bulls, she posed up against the counter and showed off even more of her backside than before.

Lovato even had handcuffs on her, just in case someone got out of hand.

She just couldn't help but love her full leather look:

Now THAT's how you do Halloween.