Could we have another #DraLo on our hands? If the speculation on Twitter is any indication, Demi Lovato and French Montana are it. Just like the beginning of Drake and Jennifer Lopez's love story, the artists are rumored to be working on new music together, which makes total sense since they both have new albums on the way, and have been spotted in the studio on social media. 

However, their interactions outside of the studio are leading fans to believe they are romantically involved.

The rumors kicked into overdrive when a selfie video surfaced over the weekend of Montana getting Lovato's attention by calling her "baby mama."

Lovato immediately looked up from her phone and blew a kiss at the camera, which made fans suspicious.

But the video of the duo was just the tip of the iceberg.

They've been leaving a trail of breadcrumbs on Instagram that have led many to believe they've been an item for weeks.

Take this video posted to Montana's account on May 8. Lovato and Snoop Dogg are seen jamming to his song "Unforgettable" at a house party.

Looks innocent enough... until you realize the clip looks purposely edited to include one frame of Lovato and Montana together for the thumbnail. Coincidence? You decide.

By May 27, they started leaving comments on each other's photos that range from friendly inside jokes to flirty compliments.

The back-and-forth culminated in a trio of posts on Montana's account showing Lovato supporting him backstage for his appearance during DJ Khaled's set at the BET Experience concert on Friday.

That was the same night as the "baby mama" comment.

They have the cutest moment in this video.

Whether they are just friends or maybe more, only time will tell.

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