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With her outspoken social media presence, Demi Lovato is constantly reminding us that she takes no shit. She doesn't care if you're the baddest pop diva or one of the most influential women in music today with a squad by your side, if she doesn't like you or what you stand for she will call you out.

Now if you're not worried about Lovato's cutting words, then maybe her upper cut will give you pause. 

Over the past year, the star has upped her workouts by getting into MMA training. And according to Jay Glazer, the owner of Unbreakable, the L.A. studio where Lovato trains, she can kick some serious ass.

Speaking to TMZ on Monday (October 10), Glazer revealed that if Lovato were to join the UFC, "she'd whip a lot of people's asses. She throws elbows better than most of the UFC guys who go into [Unbreakable]." The 24-year-old even gave Glazer one of his worst bruises after one of her powerful kicks landed on the side of his body.

Despite the glitz and glam associated with her pop star lifestyle, when Lovato enters that gym, she's a warrior. "She's more violent than most and then she gets mad if we don't get after her harder," Glazer said. "She's definitely one of our fighters. Without a doubt."

Lovato herself has said how much she enjoy working out there, writing on Instagram, It "feels so good to have an outlet and at such a positive, bad ass place like Unbreakable." 

It's not just her strength that make her a force of nature, but her mentality as well.

"She has the mindset," Glazer told TMZ. "I wish I could bottle up her mindset and sell it to all the guys at UFC."

For Lovato, the intense workout is "by far one of the hardest workouts [she's] done" but it puts her in control. She captioned the above video, "I hate the word victim. I never have been and I never will be."

So is there a chance we'll find Lovato in the UFC octagon during her 2017 break from the spotlight? If the "Body Say" singer had it her way, that would be a strong possibility. "She's brought it up to us a million times," Glazer revealed. But for now, she's sticking to kicking ass in the gym. 

Glazer's message about Lovato is loud and clear. "She is a bad little lioness. Don't mess with her."

Point taken!