Demi Lovato rang in 2018 by bringing the house down in Miami on Sunday night with a performance at the Fountain Bleu Miami. The singer shared photos of the evening on Instagram, but fans were not ready for the pic of her first New Year's kiss.

"Last performance of 2017 and first kiss of 2018," Lovato captioned the slideshow Instagram.

The final image is of her kissing dancer and choreographer Jojo Gomez, who also shared how thrilled she was about the moment on her Instagram.

"Happy New Year @ddlovato. First kiss of 2018!" she wrote.

Hardcore fans who have seen them perform together already know how steamy things get between the duo onstage.

Just look up them executing the choreography for "Cool for the Summer."

It was just a quick smooch but fans still hit the panic button...

... and freaked out!

Haters hated, of course, but the majority of comments on Gomez's page ranged from celebratory to hilarious AF.

Fans were HERE for it!

The kiss was powerful enough to set someone's mood for the whole year.

Even though Lovato hasn't confirmed rumors about her sexuality — and she doesn't have to — fans have still made their own interpretations and feel empowered.

One thing's for sure, Lovato is still #SorryNotSorry in 2018.