Somebody give us a direct line to Salma Hayek — we need to confirm that she hasn't been body-snatched by Demi Lovato!

We became SHOOKETH when we scrolled through Instagram and saw this image posted to Demi Lovato's account.

"Objects in this picture may seem bigger than they actually are......," the caption read.

All we saw at first glance was Hayek!

demi lovato salma hayerk
photo: Slash, Instagram/ddlovato

And we're not alone because several of Lovato's fans commented on their striking resemblance, too.

But it was indeed Lovato, and this other photo of her wearing the same jumpsuit, which was posted to her account on the same day, confirms it.

Or does it?!

But had the image not been posted to the singer's account, and had her forearm and foot tattoos not been visible... we would still be swearing this was a photo of Hayek.

If the actress ever needs someone to play her in a movie, she knows who to call. All it would take is a pair of sunglasses and a jumpsuit for the transformation to be complete.

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