Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have managed to stay in a positive, supportive place in their relationship, but unfortunately, some of their fans aren't doing the same.

Some Selenator and Lovatic super-fan accounts have engaged in a harsh Twitter war that's crossed the line more than once.

There are celebrity fans, and then there are celebrity stans – aka the die-hard followers who live and breathe for these stars.

Recently, BuzzFeed came across a battle between the two stan armies, which all started with this meme trend:

These fan accounts have been creating tweets that show four photos (of four different celebrities) with a short "wear X color if X..." to call out one of the stars in the pictures. (For example, only Kanye West is wearing black in the pictures above — so HE is the most influential artist of all time, according to the joke.)

A Taylor Swift fan got in on the "fun" by tweeting this baffling meme, making fun of Gomez's lupus and kidney transplant:

"Wear Blue if both of your kidneys work properly," the meme reads. The only one not wearing blue is, of course, Gomez, who bravely discussed her recent kidney transplant with "TODAY."

The tweets aim to poke fun at Gomez's serious health condition.

It's a seriously low blow and a sad way to claim one's dedication to a celebrity.

To fire back at the beyond offensive dig, a supposed "Selena stan" tweeted her version for Demi Lovato.

The user made a jab at the fact that Lovato's father passed away a few years ago.

Unfortunately, some stans only made the situation worse by continuing the Twitter war.

Luckily, other followers made the choice to stop the hate and talk about how ridiculous the tweets were getting.

What these super-fans don't realize is how problematic and dangerous their words can be (especially for young followers). Plus, both Gomez and Lovato can co-exist as beautiful, successful, and empowering singers.

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No competition necessary.