Demi Lovato has been hinting on Instagram that she's soon to be a bride — but who's the mystery man?! Today she revealed a name — Jesse — and of course, Twitter has a really solid theory about who this "Jesse" is.

Last week, Lovato just about broke the internet with a cryptic wedding photo, featuring her all done up as a bride-to-be.

The singer shared the photo on both Twitter and Instagram with no caption, context, or explanation. 

Fans were pretty much going crazy wondering what the photo could mean, considering Lovato isn't dating anyone at the moment.

At last, the 25-year-old has provided some context. Five days after sharing the wedding dress picture, she posted an even more mysterious wedding invitation.

The invitation is a "save the date" for December 1, all for "Demi and Jesse." She shared the photo with the caption, "#TellMeYouLoveMe December 1st."

The caption basically confirms the wedding moment is for an upcoming music video, but WHO THE HELL IS JESSE?

photo: Giphy

We did some investigating, and it's not Jesse McCartney...

photo: Giphy

... or Uncle Jesse...

photo: Giphy

... but it's most likely this Jesse, Jesse Williams.

photo: GIphy

Lovatics found receipts that indicate the "Grey's Anatomy" star will be at Lovato's side as her groom.

Are these photos real or Photoshop? Signs indicate they may just be real after all.

That's all the deets we have for now, but let's just ponder how perfect these two would be together (even though it is probably just a music video).