It's been a while since we binged season 5 of "Orange is the New Black," but Diane Guerrero has still been putting in work. The actress and activist is now starring in a new comedy, "Superior Donuts," where she continues to speak out on behalf of minorities.

Guerrero joined Season 2 of the CBS show to play Sofia, a "Colombian-American gentrifier."

The show, which debuted in February 2017, is about a small Chicago donut shop that's forced to think outside of the box to deal with the neighborhood's steady gentrification. Guerrero's character certainly shakes things up because she sets up a healthy food truck right outside the donut shop owner's storefront. 

Guerrero clearly fits right in with the cast, but the show isn't just about donuts and funny commentary.

Currently, the show is being applauded on social media after fans started highlighting one important scene that clearly claps back at race issues and mass shootings in Trump's America.

In the episode, the characters are discussing a recent shooting that came out in the news. 

They make light of the situation by joking that they hope it isn't a black, Latino, or Muslim person who committed the crime.

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After all, that would continue to perpetuate stereotypes for minorities.

Despite the fact that their conversation is played for laughs, the moment in the show sheds light on a serious issue.

One of the first things we think when a mass shooting happens is, "What nationality was he/she?" It's only from there that we make assumptions about the shooter's motive. Worse, President Trump has made this problematic way of thinking more popular by reacting differently to white shooters than POC shooters.

If Guerrero and the rest of her onscreen friends are going to continue bringing up important issues like this on the show, WE'RE HERE FOR IT!

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Catch Guerrero in her new show on CBS, Mondays at 9 pm!