Disney Pixar's "Coco" movie is inarguably the best movie of the year and features a lovable cast of characters — some with voices you may have instantly recognized and some you may not have.

We already know the cast is made up of all Latinos (YAS!), but here's a breakdown of who plays who in the Mexican-centric flick.

Anthony Gonzalez: "Miguel"

miguel coco
photo: Splash / Disney Wiki

Miguel, voiced by 13-year-old Gonzalez, is the star of the show. The breakout star doesn't just look like Miguel – he's pretty similar to his character, too, and even celebrates Día de los Muertos with his family.

Jaime Camil: "Papá"

jaime camil coco
photo: Splash / Walt Disney Studios

Camil of "Jane the Virgin" plays Miguel's father, who hopes his son will join the family shoemaking business.

Sofía Espinosa: "Mamá"

sofia espinosa
photo: Splash / Walt Disney Studios

Then there's Miguel's mother, played by Espinosa, who will likely remind you of your own sweet mamá. Espinosa became a well-known star for her performance in "Gloria," the biopic about Gloria Trevi.

Gael Garcia Bernal: "Héctor Rivera"

gael garcia bernal
photo: Splash / Walt Disney Studios

Bernal is a crucial part of Miguel's journey. His character, Héctor, lives in the Land of the Dead but needs Miguel's help in order to visit the Land of the Living.

Benjamin Bratt: "Ernesto de la Cruz"

benjamin bratt
photo: Splash / Walt Disney Studios

The Peruvian "Law & Order" star had to use his singing chops in order to play music performer Ernesto de la Cruz. Luckily, Bratt has some experience in this department.

Edward James Olmos: "Chicharron"

edward james olmos
photo: Splash / Walt Disney Studios

The "Selena" star's role as a "forgotten" skeleton in "Coco" may be his most cherished gig to date. 

"Nobody knew that Mexicans were gonna be treated like they’ve been treated over the last year. Nobody," he explained on the intersection of acting and politics. "The last two years have been very difficult for us, and it’s hard not to come about and have an attitude. But you try to stay strong, knowing that the pendulum swung one way, it’s gonna swing back."

Cheech Marin: "Corrections Officer"

cheech marin
photo: Splash / Walt Disney Studios

Marin's character, a corrections officer in the Land of the Dead, is way more serious than his stoner in "Cheech & Chong."

Gabriel Iglesias: "Head Clerk"

gabriel iglesias
photo: Splash / Walt Disney Studios

Only Iglesias' humor and voice could work to play the Land of the Dead's Head Clerk, who oversees the Department of Family Reunions.

Alanna Ubach: "Mamá Imelda Rivera"

alanna ubach
photo: Splash / Walt Disney Studios

Ubach plays a character very different from her role on "Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce." In "Coco" she plays Miguel's great-great grandmother who originally founded the family business.

Renée Victor: Abuelita

renee victor
photo: Splash / Walt Disney Studios

One of the best scenes in the film is when Abuelita, played by Victor, brings out la chancla.

Ana Ofelia Murguía: "Mamá Coco"

mama coco
photo: Wikipedia / Disney Wiki

If your heart doesn't warm up immediately upon seeing Miguel's great-grandmother Mamá Coco, you may have to rewatch "Coco" on repeat.

Alfonso Arau: "Papá Julio"

papa julio coco
photo: Splash / Disney Wiki

Miguel's great-grandfather Papá Julio is played by Arau, who's known for directing some popular films including "Like Water for Chocolate."

Natalia Cordova-Buckley: "Frida Kahlo"

frida kahlo coco
photo: Splash / Washington Post

The "Bates Motel" star brought Frida Kahlo to life in the Pixar movie, which was especially important being that the artist actually helped her find her own voice.

Luis Valdez: "Tío Berto"

luis valdez
photo: Splash / Walt Disney Studios

Valdez plays your quintessential "tío" and works alongside Miguel's father in the family business. The actor and director is often regarded as the "father of Chicano theater."

Herbert Siguenza: "Tío Oscar" / "Tío Felipe"

tio oscar coco
photo: IMDB / Pixar Wiki

Siguenza plays twin skeletons Tío Oscar and Tío Felipe, who are Miguel's uncles.

Selene Luna: "Tía Rosita"

selene luna
photo: Splash / Disney Wiki

Miguel's late aunt, Tía Rosita, is voiced by Selene Luna, who's a popular burlesque star as well as an actress.

John Ratenberger: "Juan Ortodoncia"

John Ratenberger
photo: Splash / Disney Wiki

Ratzenberger has been in every Pixar film to date. That's why they squeezed him into "Coco" as the skeleton who's able to cross over into the Land of the Living, thanks to his dentist.