Just when you thought a movie celebrating Mexican heritage couldn't get more perfect than Disney/Pixar's "Coco," the film outdid itself with equally fire merch. 

There's now a custom lotería set inspired by the movie that is so cute, it will be the only way you want to play the game from here on out.

The set is called Remember Me, and you will be blown away by the stunning artwork and attention to detail.

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USAopoly Disney Pixar Coco Spanish Edition Remember Me Game ($15, Toys "R" Us)

"In celebration of #PixarCoco, artists have been invited to tap their imaginations and create 54 unique artworks that make up this custom Lotería set," the official "Coco" Twitter account shared.

The artists outdid themselves when it came to reinterpreting traditional lotería images and integrating characters from the movie.

Their work is what makes this the ultimate collector's item.

Remember Me comes with a deck of 54 custom cards, 12 Tablas that also feature the beautiful illustrations, and 100 Cempasuchil Tokens.

The $15 game is available for purchase on Toyrus.com right now.

Hurry up and click here to get it because we have a good feeling that it is going to sell out QUICK.

Watch the makers of the game unbox it and get you even more hype to buy it below.