A Dominican man in Miami just took the overprotective brother role to new levels. Danny Morales, a recording artist and a student at Southeastern University, made sure he could stop anyone from making a move on his little sister at prom — by going as her date himself.

But it's safe to say that his plan turned out to be a blessing and a curse because his tweet about his plan went viral, and while those who found him attractive showered him with compliments, thousands of new eyes saw his sister and gave her the attention he was probably hoping to avoid.

Morales posted photos of him and his sister dressed to the nines for the event with the caption, "refuse to let another man be my lil sister first prom date... #prom17."

The combination of Morales' extreme measure and the duo's good looks created the perfect storm of hilarious reactions.

They got it from their mama, by the way.

Here she is slaying at 43 years young.

Morales got new fans singing his praises in English...

...and Spanish.

Let's just say they wouldn't mind having him as a chaperone if his sister didn't want him.

Some may be petitioning for adoption by his parents as we speak.

And he was loving every minute of it because Morales retweeted so much of the praise he received.

We wonder if he liked the attention his little sister got out of the deal, too...?

Guys are already lining up to take her to the next prom.

Morales was smart not to include her handle, or else he would have to add "DM security" to his list of big brother duties.

It's important to point out that not everyone was on board with Morales' idea.

Some found it controlling and sexist — two things we don't have room for in 2017. We hope his plan was done in good fun and his sister was truly on board.