Are Drake and Jennifer Lopez actually dating? They're either marketing geniuses, or the couple we never knew we needed. Sure, they're reportedly working on new music together — but the evidence is piling up that the two are more than friends. Here are all the receipts that prove #Dralo is REAL.

Drake has been spotted at not one, but two of Lopez's "All I Have" shows in Las Vegas.

And every time, he looks COMPLETELY SPRUNG on her performance.

Can you blame him? 

And never forget the selfie that started it all — which may not have been as innocent as it seemed.

Drake posted a heart eyes emoji followed by "<-------- Lotta those" in his caption.

What's especially interesting about that selfie is that Lopez also took a group photo with Kristin Chenoweth and Kevin Hart, who were at that same show. This is clearly the "better" photo — but she only shared her Drake selfie on Instagram.

Anyone who has ever stalked a crush on social media has jumped to greater conclusions on far less.

Video has also surfaced of the duo having a cute moment with a magician backstage.

*chin stroking emoji*

Adding fuel to the fire, TMZ reports that Drake rented out Delilah Restaurant in Los Angeles, inviting 20 of his nearest and dearest — including J.Lo — to this exclusive party.

It's not like he rented out an entire restaurant and threw an expensive party JUST to see Jennifer Lopez... OR DID HE?

Next, Rihanna fans who watch the singer's every move noticed that her follow count on Instagram dropped. And just who was missing from her list? J.Lo, that's who!

J.Lo and Rihanna
photo: Getty

Riri, who has been rumored to be in an on-and-off relationship with Drake for eons, has openly admitted to being "petty AF."  She already stopped following Drake a hot minute ago. Could she be feeling some type of way towards J.Lo, who she has publicly supported in the past (even designing a pair of boots inspired by Lopez), thanks to these dating rumors? It's definitely plausible.

The same night that the Rihanna unfollow story broke, BOOM! Drake and J.Lo posted this snuggly photo of themselves hugged up on a couch in head-to-toe black outfits with no caption and the silence was deafening!

You don't post pictures like this with just anybody! The internet agreed and immediately spiraled by reposting it to no end and swearing left and right that #DrakeLo is real.

There is no official word that Lopez and Drake are more than friends, but one thing's for sure — they are hanging out A LOT lately.

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