Drake and J.Lo sure know how to make us all feel like giddy schoolgirls. "Quit playing games with our hearts" is all we could think of when footage surfaced of the rumored couple all dressed up and looking VERY friendly on the dance floor together.

#Dralo looked every bit the part of prom king and queen on what appeared to be the set of a new music video with a Winter Wonderland theme.

The duo danced and sang the night away.

You can hear Lopez's vocals over a dance beat in this clip.

J.Lo and the crowd even get serenaded by Drake's father, Dennis Graham.

So romantic!

This clip of the duo slow dancing followed by Lopez backing it up on Drake is just too good!

They even shot the perfect prom photo that will make you want to go back in time and do yours all over again.

*screams internally*

And just when you thought you couldn't handle any more of their cuteness, wait for it... Drake and Lopez gave the people what they wanted and shared a kiss!


Hold on, this is way too real, we need a moment.

It was so effortless you couldn't blame anyone for wondering if it happened after the director already yelled cut.

Then boom! We almost flatlined again when yet another kiss was captured on camera.

They are naturals! We're sure all of the hanging out they have been doing lately helped.

But is this simply a pair of actors playing their roles for a music video or art imitating life?

The world may never know.