Kat Von D is at the top of her game. She's a sought after tattoo artist, a New York Times best-selling author, and has built a makeup empire that most of us can't get enough of. But did you know that this badass entrepreneur is a classically trained musician? Or that she grew up in a very religious household?

For all the super fans out there, now's your chance to up your Kat knowledge with these 19 lesser known facts about the star. 


Kat can work wonders with her makeup in 30 seconds.

She told Fashion Magazine that a lot can be accomplished with a short amount of time to get ready. “I can do a lot in 30 seconds. With Tattoo Liner I can do eyeliner, eyebrow, and, if I want to get creative, a lip look too.”


She doesn't follow makeup norms.

"My nighttime look is exactly like my daytime look—like I’m going to a super fancy funeral. I guess it would be considered extreme to most people, but I like it that way. The idea of conventional beauty isn't attractive to me," she revealed to Into the Gloss.


She was born in Mexico in incredibly modest conditions.

"By no means did [my family] live a life of 'luxury'" she previously wrote in Popsugar. We didn't have electricity or running water for a long time. And, in fact, one of my favorite photos from our family album is one of me taking a bath in a plastic bucket! Let's put it this way, in this town, you were more likely to see a horse than you would a car."


When it comes to the Kardashians, she is not a fan.

"I’m super anti-Kardashians and shit," she divulged to Fashion Magazine

"It’s cool, I think those girls are beautiful in their own right, but I think what they represent and the message they [portray] to people is really so awful... Teaching people that money, status, fame, who you’re fucking and all that stuff is important, I think it’s awful. I don’t back that shit at all. When I look at a lot of their products and the things they put out into the world, I don’t see that quality that’s profound and speaks to my heart. I just see dollar signs."


Kat's extremely meticulous with every aspect of her makeup, including the packaging.

"The artwork on my packaging was something I painstakingly micro-managed – for example, I treat it like a tattoo, taking into consideration the muscle structure and seeing were the line lands on the existing body," she detailed to Pages Digital. "For the rose pattern, it’s not a repeat pattern. I’ve drawn everything to work on each product, which makes it feel solid and complete."


Being featured in Maxim's Hot 100 in 2008 was a moment she never saw coming.

"That was such a trip because all my life, it was, 'Ew, the weird girl,'" she explained to The Los Angeles Times. "Now I think people are becoming more and more open to diversity, which is one of the reasons I did the show."


There is one type of tattoo she's wary of.

"I get a little concerned about tattooing makeup sometimes," Kat told Into the Gloss. "For some people, it takes two weeks to get their cosmetic tattooing license, which does not sound right for the person who is putting a needle and permanent pigment close to your eye. It's a big risk. And makeup changes! It's ever-changing and seasonal, that's what's so cool and awesome about it."


She grew up in a fairly religious home.


Although she was born in Mexico, her parents originally hail from Argentina.

Her parents were missionaries for the church and growing up she wanted to be like her father – a doctor helping impoverished communities. 

Instead her parents encouraged her to become an artist.


Early bloomer! Kat first started tattooing when she was 14.


She's classically trained in piano.

Started learning when she was six years old.


Her creativity knows no bounds.

And she never wants anyone to put a limit on what she can do as an artist. "I just want to do everything," she explained to The Gloss

"I look at Salvador Dali and he is a perfect example of that. If people tell you you need to be a one trick pony, tell them to fuck off. Dali did literature, poetry, paintings, he created makeup, designed furniture, he even had a cookbook…these are all things one man did. There’s no excuse for not being able to do that. I am not a makeup artist by any means, but I am a really huge fan of makeup and creating it. I am not a tattooer either, but I just do tattoos sometimes. I am not a fashion designer but I know how to make clothes and use sewing machines. It was just what I was meant to do, I am totally down. I don’t want to settle for only doing that, I want to do everything."


One of her most important causes is promoting her vegan lifestyle.

Her makeup line is vegan and cruelty-free and she often uses her social media platforms to advocate on behalf of veganism.


Whenever people call her a makeup artist she quickly corrects them.

Despite having a coveted makeup line, she doesn't see herself as a makeup artist. She admires that line of work so much that she shared with Pages Digital that "they are the artists that intimidate me the most." She continued, "I'm certainly not cool enough to be a makeup artist."


She once held the Guinness World Record for most tattoos completed in 24 hours.

400! However, the record has since been broken and is held by Hollis Cantrell, with 801 tattoos in 24 hours.


She stays pretty unplugged from technology.

In fact, she hasn't owned a television set in close to two decades. 


She's got a beautiful singing voice.


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And often uses shows off her skills singing cover songs on social media. And of course, she loves Selena Quintanilla just as much as the rest of us. 


The first tattoo she ever got was a lowercase "j."

She got it for her first love, James and has no regrets. "I still have it and love it," she shared with The National. "There’s an idea that ‘name tats’ are somehow a ‘curse’ but I don’t see them that way. For me they are landmarks in time. I don’t regret any tattoos, although I have lasered some off to make room for new ones."


When brainstorming for her makeup, she doesn't pull her inspiration from what's "cool" at the moment.

"When I’m creating, I tend to ignore trends, not in a rebellious way but more because I’m bored by them to be honest," she shared to Pages Digital. "I have an arsenal of ideas I intend on exploring and using in terms of makeup that could last me an entire lifetime!"