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It feels as if yesterday we were gushing over the leading Latinas on Orange Is The New Black, and a year later we haven’t just fallen more in love with their characters but learned so much more about them. Season three debuted on Netflix on Friday, June 17, and is said to be one of the show’s darkest seasons yet. Before you start binge-watching (if you haven’t already), check out a few fun facts we dug up on our favorite Latina inmates below!

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Update: Over the past year, Dascha Polanco starred in two blockbuster movies, The Perfect Match and Joy, alongside actress Jennifer Lawrence. She shared her own abortion story in a powerful video that brought awareness to reproductive rights and health and has spoken out against body shaming, being told she’s not Latina enough, and misconceptions surrounding Afro-Latinas.

Colombian actress Diane Guerrero has since joined the cast of Jane the Virgin, where she plays the character, Lina. She’s also become an activist for immigration rights and was even invited to meet President Barack Obama. Guerrero shared her story on losing her parents to immigration deportation in a piece she wrote for the Los Angeles Times in 2014. This year she released her new memoir, In the Country We Love: My Family Divided, where she shared a deeper, more personal version of her experience.

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Jackie Cruz has been pursuing her music career on the side and released her tribute music video of Selena Quintanilla’s Como La Flor last fall. She also had a video series on Vivala called, Solo Jackie.  

Selenis Leyva wrote an op-ed letter for the Huffington Post on why saying, “real women” isn’t exactly a compliment. She’s also been vocal about body positivity and how she wants her daughter to love and embrace her curves. 

Jackie Cruz (a.k.a "Flaca” Gonzales)

Not a lot of folks know that Cruz is a singer. She’s been singing her whole life and got passionate about it after a near fatal car accident that left her in a coma with a collapsed lung that made it impossible to walk, much less sing! She’s been working on her musical career ever since and also has thing a for fashion. Cruz has an Etsy store called Hollywood Gypsy that consists of vintage clothes she reworks and has dreams of starting her own clothing line.

Dascha Polanco (a.k.a Dayanara Diaz)

Polanco was working full-time managing an instrument room in a hospital and was in school studying nursing before she landed her gig on Orange Is The New Black. She actually went to auditions straight after coming out of a night shift wearing scrubs!

Selenis Leyva (a.k.a Gloria Mendoza)

The half Cuban, half Dominican actress is an LGBT rights advocate and recently opened up about how touched she was by Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Cover because of her personal connection to the transgender community. Her younger sister, Marizol Leyva, is a transgender woman.

Jessica Pimentel (a.k.a Maria Ruiz)

Pimentel is a Buddhist and musician who sings for two metal bands and goes by the stage name, "The Crusher.” She actually started out as a classical violinist at a very young age and played music all throughout middle school and high school until she started experiencing nerve damage in her hands and wrists from playing so much.

Elizabeth Rodriguez (a.k.a Aleida Diaz)

Before she became famous, Rodriguez worked as a stage actor and became a member of the Labyrinth Theater Company. She also played a cop in a ton of shows including, Grimm, The Drop, Prime Suspect, Third Watch, among others. Ironic, considering she’s on the other side of the law now as a prisoner in OITNB.

Diane Guerrero (a.k.a Maritza Ramos)

She opened up last year about how she’s the citizen daughter of immigrants parents who were deported from the U.S. when she was just 14. It was a terrifying experience for her because she came home one day from school and they were just gone and she lived her whole childhood with the fear of being deported. Guerrero was ecstatic when she got to meet president Obama following an impassioned speech she gave on immigration.

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Laura Gomez (a.k.a Blanca Flores)

Laura is an established voice-over artist. She’s done Spanish announcements for brands like CoverGirl and Suave Professionals. She’s even voiced the audiobooks for How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accent by Julia Alvarez and The Brief & Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz. Talent runs in her family. Gomez’s dad hosts and produces a Sunday morning radio show in Dominican Republic.