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When my husband asked me to take the place of someone who had dropped out of his fantasy football league a few years ago, he had no idea he was creating a monster. I've always loved sports (playing and watching them) and to be honest, there are a lot more girls out there like me than most people realize — 20 percent of players in Yahoo fantasy football leagues are women!

However, I had no idea how much fun fantasy football would be and even better, how much fun it would be to win. So, take it from a two-time, back-to-back champion, and take a peek into my weird world of fantasy football, where second place is the first loser.

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At first, it's kind of confusing

There are more players in the NFL than you think — over 1,000 — and you have to learn about them and whether or not they are injury prone or just susceptible to being idiots (Ahem, Adrian Peterson). Lots of other factors come into play too. Draft day is a sink or swim situation.

Everyone wants to beat you more than anyone else in the league

Because losing to a girl would obviously be the worst thing ever to happen to these guys who have nothing else to do except for obsess over an imaginary team of dudes who have no idea they even exist.

Nothing beats getting that first win under your belt

It feels so good, almost like you were on the actual field yourself but no, it was actually Aaron Rodgers. Which leads to the next problem...

But you might wonder if this counts as exercise

Nope. Not at all. It definitely does NOT. It may require a significant amount of mental stamina but you are not in fact actually playing football. So, stop thinking about it like that even if your heart is pounding because you just won by a fraction of a point.

You hit your stride

You begin to realize that the trick to this is not only knowing your stuff, but also trusting your gut. There’s also mastering the art of the waiver wire, but that is for another time.

You're streaking

OMG. You're CRUSHING it. This feels especially good when you face your S.O. but also inevitably leads to...

Lots of tears for your opponents

Cry me a river. Go tell your momma. Puh-lease.

Victory is finally yours

And you're all: "That wasn't even really that hard guys. Try harder next time." Maybe you'll have to switch leagues to find some real comp?