Left to right: Liza (played by Elizabeth Rodriguez), Chris (played by Lorenzo James Henrie), and Travis (played by Cliff Curtis).

photo: AMC

Something remarkably cool can be seen in Fear The Walking Dead, AMC’s new spin-off of The Walking Dead, there are a ton of Latinos on the show. This is an exceptional thing, you see, because most shows worth watching usually don’t feature Latinos.

“It’s a very strong thing to be able tell the story of Griselda because Los Angeles is full of Latinos,” said veteran actress Patricia Reyes Spíndola, who plays Griselda. “If people are fans of the original series, and see themselves projected on this show, it’s going to be just as popular because we are telling their stories.”

The storyline takes place in Los Angeles, and in this series audiences will finally find out how the zombie apocalypse started in the first place. We’re huge fans of The Walking Dead so this new spin-off is much-needed solace as we await season six in October.

Actress Elizabeth Rodriguez said she was asked to be on this show not necessarily because she’s Latina but because Dave Erickson, co-creator of the show, is a fan of her work. Rodriguez can also be seen on Orange Is The New Black. “As a Latina, I am also very proud to tell these stories that are never told,” Rodriguez said.

Liza (played by Elizabeth Rodriguez).

photo: AMC

The show centers around a mix of two families that includes Liza (played by Rodriguez), a single mother trying to multitask between raising her teen son while also attending nursing school, her ex-husband Travis (played by Cliff Curtis), his girlfriend, and her two kids. Without giving away any spoilers, these families are trying to have somewhat of a stable life through the blending of all these intertwined relationships. And this virus, or whatever it is, that's taking over L.A. isn’t helping matters. The organic way these relationships unfold serves as a great pillar to this spin-off and that’s because the cast holds up to the buzz that’s been constant since the initial news about this show.

Daniel (played by Ruben Blades) and Griselda (played by Patricia Reyes Spíndola).

photo: AMC

Often the programs that have featured Latinos have comes across as forced and unoriginal, at times. It will be quite interesting to see how the mesh of cultures and language will be depicted on the show especially as zombies are involved.

So far it feels extremely real, which makes it an already compelling series. For example, (don’t worry, not a spoiler), in one particular scene when a riot breaks out downtown, Spíndola’s character begins to pray the rosary.

“It’s part of the world we live in,” Spíndola said in Spanish. “What’s important here is that all these cultures are in this together, that’s the true value. They are all contributing to one story. They are living one reality and that’s not the kind of storytelling you normally see.”