The 2017 Fiesta de la Flor honoring Selena Quintanilla in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas was the ultimate fan experience. From photo ops with the Madame Tussauds Selena wax figure to a full schedule of Latino musical acts, it celebrated Quintanilla's legacy beautifully.

But little did fans know that Selena's brother, festival headliner A.B. Quintanilla, would surprise fans with an epic treat.

Selena's brother and his new band, Elektro Kumbia, was joined by two very special women on stage for a beautiful performance of Selena's classic "Como la Flor."

Sister Suzette Quintanilla resumed her role behind the drums and told her fans on Instagram how meaningful this particular performance was for her.

"Last time I actually played live was with my bro's group at SEAWORLD like 11 years or so ago," Suzette wrote. "Being behind the drums and getting the reminder of the count Como La Flor starts on made me panic a bit, not gonna lie! Lol But what felt so right and made the ease sit in quickly was seeing my brother on my left looking at me as we played our song. It's felt so second nature and made my heart happy. Thank you brother for giving a piece back to who I was and what made me the happiest in my life and also having my son Jovan seeing me perform for the first time made me look like a hella cool mom!! Lol," she added.

"Nothing beats creating music with those you love most in life."

"Last nite was about our beloved sister we miss and love so much," Suzette ended.

We're not crying, you're crying!

And just when you thought it couldn't get any cooler that having Suzette on the drums, A.B. brought out "Orange Is the New Black" star and lifelong Selena fan Jackie Cruz to do the vocals.

Cruz was already at the festival for a panel with Suzette and Jackie Guerra, who played Suzette in the "Selena" movie, where they shared their reflections on the star that brought them together.

Jackie shared that the performance wasn't planned, and she was clearly overwhelmed by the crowd's reaction by the end of the performance.

"Impromptu moment with Los Dino's and Elektro Kumbia...This was probably the scariest thing I ever had to do in my life! Being embraced by Selena fans was so beautiful and unexpected! Thank you @suzettesyld and @Abquintanilla3 @fiestaflorcc I was so honored to jam with you guys and this moment will forever stay in my heart!," she wrote on Instagram.

What a beautiful way to bring Selena's family and fans together! Catch their full performance of "Como la Flor" below.