Oscar Isaac was once considered the internet's boyfriend. We're not sure why or how he lost that title, because there's no one more deserving of that role than him. 

Don't believe me? 

The man can sing, can make you swoon when he speaks Spanish, is a damn good actor, and is so easy on the eyes. These 14 Oscar Isaac gifs are all we need to get through the anxiety and indigestion Thanksgiving usually brings.


Let's be real: There's something about Oscar Isaac that's completely irresistible.


When he's distraught all you want to do is console him.


It's impossible to ignore his hot dance moves.

Pretty sure he could make the bunny hop look tantalizing.


A smirk from him would make you forget about everything on your to-do list and leave you lost in infatuation.


He even may have single-handedly saved the fate of fedoras.


During his bossy outbursts, all we can think about is what a great dad he'd be.


And his shitty running skills make me feel so much better about my subpar athletic abilities.


And he's an animal lover? Major points.


Just to be near him would bring us so much joy.

Whose hand is that and how do I get that job?


To think I once loved Lupita Nyong'o – until now.


Please no one get him a towel.


I think we can all agree to just give him all the awards already.

ALL of them.


Here's hoping his lips are always chapped and he never has a lip balm nearby.


I think it's time to start writing the thank you cards to his parents now.