Marvel's queer Latina superhero, America Chavez, is a critical step towards diversity, inclusivity, and representation in the comic book world. Although "America" is just beginning its journey as a solo series, people are already curious and excited at the prospect of Ms. America being adapted for the screen — and Gina Rodriguez is calling dibs for the lead role.

Rodriguez was a part of this year's SXSW panel that tackled one of the entertainment industry's most criticized flaws: diversity.

The conversation focused on stereotypes the media portrays and how people are trying to develop stories that shift these cliché roles to showcase "more diverse people as protagonists." Rodriguez has constantly been vocal about refusing to accept roles in the industry that pander to Latinx stereotypes.

Although Latinxs make up nearly 18% of the nation's total population, only 5.8% of Latinxs are represented in TV and film (compared to white characters accounting for 71.7% of the roles).

During the discussion, the 'Jane the Virgin' actress and Yara Shahidi from 'Black-ish' revealed their love for the Marvel franchise.

According to Geeks of Color, Rodriguez expressed her desire for Marvel to create a project with a female Latina lead so that she could play the part. 

After the panel came to a close, the Geeks of Color members took this opportunity to ask Rodriguez if she knew about America Chavez — and to say she was excited would be an understatement.

"She immediately jumped with excitement and pointed to her manager. Gina told me that she’s a fan of the character and iterated that if Marvel ever decides to adapt America to live action her manager already knows to get her an audition right away!," Avram Vargas wrote. She wasn't just bluffing about knowing the character, either. Rodriguez specifically name dropped Gabby Rivera — the self-described queer brown Latina feminist and writer behind "America."

Of course as soon as people got word of her desire to take on such a badass role, they were here for it!

Even Rivera — the writer of the comic — retweeted the news, giving the idea an informal blessing.

Hell, even Rodriguez is retweeting all the love she's getting for her interest in the part if it were to become a reality.

Although some are concerned that she may be "too old," they're still supporting the possibility of this happening.

She's only 32, btw.

It is also valid to to consider the role being given to a queer Latina, but Rodriguez has never confirmed nor denied her sexuality.

Her response isn't completely deflective, as she doesn't feel the need to put a label on the fluidity of being able to fall in love with anyone, regardless of their gender.

To be fair, as much as the industry needs to be inclusive of other talent beyond the white scope, it also needs to reflect and hire people who bring authenticity to LGBTQ stories, such as that of "America."

Marvel, we hope you're listening.

Even though there's no official word of "America" hitting the big screen anytime soon, we would love to see Rodriguez kill it!