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At this point, we've all grown pretty attached to Gina Rodriguez. (Seriously, how can we not?!) But one thing we should not get attached to is her hair, which she's switched up again for the second time in three months. On Thursday night (July 14), Rodriguez debuted her new look on her Instagram. 

The Puerto Rican actress has left the dark side, in favor of seeing if blondes really have more fun.

This is the second major transformation from Rodriguez, who shaved the side of her head a couple of months ago for her upcoming role in "Annihilation."

The cut had a significant impact on the "Jane The Virgin" star.

"I cut my hair for a film and there is nothing more freeing than realizing your beauty exists from within," she wrote on Instagram. "I am not my hair. I am not my weight. I am not my skin color. I am love, I want to be love with every interaction, with every decision I make for myself, with every failure and success. You should try it. I dare you. Let go of what you think would make you more beautiful and discover you have all you need already inside."

How Rodriguez manages to inspire us with a haircut – now that's pure talent!