Gina Rodriguez, aka G-Rod, has rap skills impressive enough to stand up next to the best of them. We already knew Gina could spit some rhyme, considering she did just that for Puerto Rico, but the "Jane the Virgin" star really showed her stuff on live TV yesterday.

The actress appeared on TBS' "Drop the Mic," where she went head-to-head against NFL star Rob Gronkowski.

The athlete threw a few verbal punches at Rodriguez, picking on her height, virgin character, and even her acting skills.

"You're a virgin, I'm not. I score all the time..."

"Let's all hope she's better at this than acting..."

"What gets more viewers, the CW or Superbowl?"

Rodriguez had absolutely no problem clapping back...

"Check your manhood, 'cause I just deflated your balls."

"Your success is impressive, you did it with no brain!" 

"You look like you're endorsed by creatine and vape pens."

"You won the Superbowl but had teammates for help, I won a Golden Globe – fuck, I did that shit myself!"

After mic-dropping, Rodriguez was unsurprisingly crowned Rap Champion.

The actress isn't new to the rap game. In 2012, she starred in the movie "Filly Brown" as an up-and-coming rapper from Los Angeles.

She's also shown off her rapping skills on "Jane The Virgin," where it was revealed her character loves to rap while drunk. In real life, she calls her rapping alter ego "Cutz," showing off her skills on Jimmy Fallon's talk show.

If we had our way, she'd put out a Jane-inspired album ASAP.