photo: Splash News

Gina Rodriguez may play the titular virgin on the hit show "Jane the Virgin," but that doesn't mean that art imitates life — in fact, it's quite the opposite.

The 32-year-old star is known to be transparent about personal and intimate life situations, which is why we love her — she's honest and she's relatable. And in true Gina form, she did not shy away when the topic of sex was brought up on the podcast "Sooo Many White Guys," hosted by comedian Phoebe Robinson.

Robinson opened up the conversation about how she and her co-host, Jessica Williams, on the stand-up and storytelling podcast "2 Dope Queens," have talked about losing their virginities at 24 years old. While she said it was "late" and jokingly told Rodriguez not to judge them, Rodriguez chimed in and said,“There’s no judgement — on the contrary, I’m jealous. I think that’s brilliant.”

Rodriguez then shared her first-ever sexual experience.

“I lost my virginity, which I feel is pretty early, [when I] was 17,” she said. 

“It was my boyfriend of a year-ish. We were like high school sweetness. He was leaving [for] Chile to go study abroad and we wanted to lose it to each other. We wanted to make sure that it was special and that we would always have a beautiful memory of it. So I lost my virginity to the sweetest guy, ever. It was pretty magical. It was a magical evening of like, safety. He put on a song, we were in my friend’s farmhouse in...the outskirts of Chicago.”

She went on to say that the boyfriend she had after the person she had sex with for the first time lost his virginity to her. It's wonderful that Rodriguez felt comfortable talking about her personal life, but also worth noting that the reason she had such a "magical" first experience is that she and her partner prioritized making it a positive one for both of them.

To listen to the full podcast, you can check it out below: