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"Today's going to be a great day. I can and I will" was the phrase that Gina Rodriguez's dad made her repeat every day since high school. What was once a mundane line she repeated to appease her father became an empowering mantra that changed her outlook on life as an adult and she shared with the world the day she won a Golden Globe.

The 31-year-old appeared on The Late Show, where host Stephen Colbert asked her about what the famous quote from her Golden Globes acceptance speech means to her. 

"I feel so empowered by that because the truth is that I get to decide what my day is going to be," she explained. "I also don't allow for any interruption or negativity to touch that." 

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The articulate actress went on to elaborate for a solid thirty seconds and an enamored Colbert was in awe of the Puerto Rican's passion behind the phrase. Colbert basically asks Rodriguez to be his BFF and follows up her speech with a serious question: "Gina, can I join your cult?" Check out the awesome exchange below to see how Gina reacted.

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