There is nothing Gina Rodriguez can't do. Hell, her mantra is "Today’s going to be a great day, I can and I will.”

And she has.

She's starred in movies, iconic TV shows (hello, "Jane the Virgin"), and even written a book. Now she's scored a major, multi-year development deal with with CBS — and we couldn't be more proud.

According to Variety, Rodriguez's I Can And I Will Productions company "will develop a wide range of projects for network, cable and streaming platforms."

She's already sought the rights to German medical drama "Dr. Illegal," and the project is speaking our language.

The original show was based on an Iranian refugee unable to practice medicine in their new home country — but finds a way to bend the rules. This story will touch anyone who knows an immigrant who had to give up their career because their years of education are completely invalid in their new home.

But it gets even better. Under Rodriguez' leadership, we'll be seeing A LOT more diversity.

"We will INCLUDE stories unheard and faces unseen."

Latinas are more than stereotypes!

"We will make it our top priority to put women in front of and behind the camera."

She thanked CBS Television Studios and told her fans that "I am here because of you and we will make sure you feel represented and included in Hollywood. Period. The end."

This statement alone deserves a standing ovation!

We can't wait to see the new talents and stories that will shine on Rodriguez's stage.

We're already on the edge of our seats!